Our customers are extremely important to us.
Without you, we simply wouldn't be here. We work extremely hard to provide fantastic service as well as the very best Volvo performance parts on the market.

Everything we sell, particularly the items we fabricate in-house, has been tested over and over again to ensure the product available for the customer to purchase is of the highest possible standard.
In short, we've tried as hard as we possibly can to break it before we'd even think about selling it on.

We appreciate customer feedback - it helps us develop and improve. So, if you've purchased something from us, please feel free to Contact Us and let us know what you think.

We all change our minds at times and thats perfectly okay. If you've bought something from us and aren't going to use it afterall, let us know and we can exchange it for something else or offer you a refund.
We'll still ask you to cover the costs of freight, but the flexibility of another product or a refund is there if you need it.

Best Regards,
The DVS Team.